You're going to start your free online PTE Mock Test soon. But before that, please read through the following carefully, then you can press the button below to start.

  • Set aside 3 hours: The whole test takes about 3 hours so make sure you set aside that time and make sure nobody disturbs you.
  • Good internet connection: Please ensure you have a good internet connection throughout this time.
  • Desktop or Laptop: Please use either a Desktop or Laptop - this will NOT work on a Mobile Phone.
  • Browser accepted: You'd need to use either the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers. Do not use Safari or Microsoft Internet Explorer as it will NOT work on these 2 browsers.
  • Ensure your Speakers and Microphone work: You will need to make sure your Speakers work as it will be used for your Listening Test and also that your Microphone works as it will be used for your Speaking Test. To ensure that both work, go to the following website and test them before you start your Mock Test. Click here: Microphone and Speaker Test.
  • Format of this Online PTE Mock Test: Please be familiar with what's going to happen when you start this online mock test:
  • Part 1: Speaking and Writing Test (~90 minutes): The Speaking Test will consist of 5 different tasks and 35 question items in total. The Writing test will consist of 2 different tasks and 4 question items in total.
  • Part 2: Reading Test (~30 minutes): The Reading Test consists of 5 different tasks and 15 question items in total.
  • Part 3: Listening Test (45 minutes): The Listening Test consists of 8 different tasks and 17 question items in total.
  • Getting your PTE Academic Exam Marks: In order to get your PTE marks, you'd need to go through the whole test process and not stop halfway. Once you've finished the whole test, please follow the instructions on final page in order to get your results.
  • Please take note of a special ID that will be given to you in the next few pages. You will need it in order to retrieve your results.

When you're ready to start, please click on the button below (however, please proceed only when you've done the "Microphone and Speaker Test" above or the test will not work):

PS: The above button is not working as there's been some problems with the mock test system. When the system is up again, the button will be working again